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PGAU Manual:
Download a PDF file of the 2010-2011 PGAU Manual, providing outlined details of the program elements, criteria and expectations from host universities, and projected financial / budget information.

Student Survey:
A required PGAU criteria is having students in the Get Golf Ready classes complete a survey to help The PGA of America continue to assess the program.

  • Post-Class Student Survey: Should be taken at the completion of the class. (Note: The traditional pre- and post-class surveys are condensed into one post-class survey.)

PGA First Swing:
The PGA First Swing is the official curriculum for PGAU Get Golf Ready classes.

Download a suggested syllabus for a 16-session introduction to golf class.

On-Campus Intramurals
To assist schools in developing an on-campus intramural golf program as part of the Recreational Sport element, recommended guidelines are available.

PGAU Financial Report Template
For your convenience in submitting the annual financial report, you may opt to use the template provided. You may elect to submit your own format providing it includes the same information / categories.

Fact Sheet
This one-page document gives a brief overview of the Play Golf America University initiative, including its mission and objectives and the program's core elements.

Check Presentation Ceremony Press Release Template
Once you have scheduled your check and plaque presentation ceremony, we encourage you to reach out to local news outlets for media coverage. Please use this template for your press release, updating the highlighted text with the details about your school's upcoming presentation event.

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