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The PGA of America established GOLF: For Business & Life in 1999 as a growth of the game initiative designed to teach and improve the golf skill of college juniors, seniors and graduate students through instruction provided by PGA Professionals.

In 2008, The PGA of America expanded this program with added player development elements and renamed this initiative "Play Golf America University."

There are currently 48 schools offering the PGAU program.

Since being launched, The PGA of America has distributed $7.3 million to 73 participating colleges and universities throughout the United States, including $6.75 million on behalf of members of U.S. Ryder Cup Teams as a means to support this initiative. Through 2010, PGA Professionals have provided instruction to more than 29,000 college students through Play Golf America University.

Universities interested in adopting the Play Golf America University program are welcome to access the materials available on the Resources page. While no additional funding is available, several schools have successfully launched programs using student activity fees. Contact playgolfamerica@pgahq.com with any questions you may have.

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