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For the purpose of providing expanded opportunities to achieve the mission of PGAU, institutions are required to include two Recreational Sports programs:

  • An Intramural Experience
  • An On-Campus Expo

Recreational Sports – Intramural Experience
For the purpose of providing students from Get Golf Ready classes next-step golf opportunities to play and develop their skills, PGAU schools need to promote at least one intramural-type golf program each year.

PGAU schools may choose to offer any of the following recommended options or offer their own golf program, provided it meets the intent to transition students from Get Golf Ready classes:

  • On-Campus Golf Intramurals (see recommended guidelines)
  • Golf Leagues / Intramurals
  • Social Golf Outing(s)
  • Loyalty Play Cards
  • National Collegiate Golf Championship qualifier
  • Club Sports

Recreational Sports – On-Campus Expos
Each PGAU School is expected to host an “On-Campus Expo” to offer the general student body an opportunity to engage in novel golf tasks or skill challenges and receive instruction from PGA Professionals. An institution may also contract with the CGA to conduct the On-Campus Expo and must employ a minimum of one PGA Professional to provide free instruction to students.

In addition, schools are to use the On-Campus Expos as an opportunity to promote the other PGAU program elements, including Get Golf Ready classes, Recreational Sports activities and EWGA Young Professional Memberships.

If PGAU schools are in need of additional support, resources or direction on establishing any of these activities, we recommend communicating with other schools through the Play Golf America University Facebook Page. Additional resources include:

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