PGA of America Hole In One


The PGA of America congratulates you on one of golf's most thrilling accomplishments, a "Hole in One." With only a small percentage of America's 27 million golfers achieving this feat each year, your ace has earned you admission into one of the most exclusive clubs in golf.

Your hole in one will be listed in the PGA Hole in One archive at the PGA Historical Center in Port St. Lucie, Fla., and in the Hole in One archive on You will also receive an official certificate commemorating your accomplishment and other recognition offers solely for those who make a hole in one.

Please enter the date of your hole in one and the golf course where your shot took place in the spaces below. Complete the pages that follow. Your hole in one will be verified by a PGA Professional at that facility and you will be mailed your commemorative certificate from The PGA of America.

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